Santorini, Without the Crowds

A dear friend of mine told me of her lackluster experience visiting Santorini, Greece. I was shocked, how could anyone not love the amazing vistas, crooked streets, and oh that caldera! But I came to find out that lots of people don’t enjoy Santorini. Hoards of people arrive on a crowded cruise ship, have a few hours of shopping at the cruise ship port and then they leave.

THIS is NOT experiencing Santorini; one of Greece’s most famous islands for it’s sunsets and it’s views of the plunging cliffs into the sea everywhere you turn.
We LOVED Santorini. It’s really one of our most memorable experiences. We had many lazy mornings, sun soaked beach afternoons and unforgettable sunset dinners with the sand still between or toes.

Visiting Santorini in the high-season assure a lack luster experience, but with a few of Roaming Robinson’s Travel Hacks you’ll be sure to have the BEST time!

1.) Don’t Visit Via Cruise Ship – This is key. While cruise ship traveling is a great way to hit a lot of destinations in a short amount of time, you’re not really getting the full feel of any one place. For us, the point of traveling is to really soak in the culture. It’s impossible if you only have a few hours at a cruise port. Santorini is one of those places to be EXPERIENCED. Take a quick flight or ferry from Athens. At the VERY least, stay overnight to see the sunset and the sunrise. They’re both breath-taking and worth the wait.

2.) Visit on the Fringes of the High Season, but not at the Peak of the High Season – We Robinson’s love to hit a new travel spot at the beginning or end of the high season. Or right before or right after all the tourists invade. Santorini, known for it’s sunsets, is also known for its massive summer crowds. We suggest visiting in late May or late September. Get the discounts of the low season and the weather of the high season. And have places like this all to yourself:

Red Sand Beach

Red Sand Beach

3.) Stay A While – We planned on staying for 2 nights and ended up staying 5. Just look and this adorable little outdoor breakfast nook and that hot tub view… How could we leave?
Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 6.30.27 PM

4.) Get off the beaten path: There is SO much to see outside of the main city of Fira. We rented ATVs and rode the whole island. Then we hiked anywhere we couldn’t ride.


5.) Don’t Forget to Ride a Donkey:


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