Prague, CZ: Worth the hype?

Everyone who’s been, has proclaimed Prague as one of their hands-down favorite places. I caught a bit of that vibe too, but left uncertain of my overall feelings about the city.



Our first stop on our 2 month long trip was Prague. Prague is a great jumping off point for other Easter European countries. Our flight went from Sacramento CA to London on Delta (using American Express points). Then grabbed a quick jumper flight to Prague the same day.

We got into our apartment in Wensclas Square near Old Town Prague around 9pm. After traveling for more than 15 hours, we were really craving a beer!

I had read that our apartment location was in quick walking distance to lots of nightlife and restaurants. Sadly it turned out that nightclubs meant strip clubs and “gentlemen’s clubs”. Ew. Not what I was expecting. This led to a few nights of loud men shouting in the middle of the night while we were sleeping ūüôĀ

However we were very close to the Old Town and the location of our apartment on Wensclas Square was pretty decent (aside from the above mentioned). We could walk to everything of interest.

On our walk to first-night-beers we noticed a lot of individual men just hanging around on the street corners by themselves. We found out later that they’re most likely drug dealers and pimps. THIS aspect of Prague was unfavorable and just gave the city a grimy feel for us.

Past that, the city is really very charming and romantic. The architecture is absolutely stunning and you could walk for hours just staring at all the beautiful buildings. We loved getting lost in the crooked winding streets. There are a lot of restaurants and bars and at anytime of the day you can find people sitting at sidewalk cafes drinking massive liters of Pilsner Urquell.

We spent the first entire day trying to keep the jetlag at bay, by walking…the entire day. We walked to the Charles Bridge, and up to the top tower for the gorgeous view and then through a park filled with amazing fall colors up to the Petrin Lookout tower.

Being in Prague in early October was the most beautiful time to be there. It’s really stunning with all the fall colors in full bloom.

The next day we filled with some pretty awesome (and silly) adventures including something Brandon has been begging to do for years… I finally gave in and we went on a Segway tour!! Ok, I know, this looks like the goofiest thing ever, but I had the best time. And of course, Brandon was in heaven, he loved every second.

Prague Segway Tours hosted our trip and we¬†enjoyed the tour. Prague is not the friendliest city to segway in. Segways have been banned in many of the tourist area. You’ll see big street signs that have a big picture of a segway with a big X through them. This caused¬†the segway tours hav to get creative. Our tour went through some beautiful parks. We even got to off-road with the segways a bit. It was really a lot of fun.

So after being super goofy on our Segways, we thought the only thing that could top that ridiculousness was to take a bath… in BEER!!

Travel channel featured the Beer Spa a few years back, the Czech’s are so obsessed with their beer culture that they created a way to soak in beer! We got a private beer spa room, complete with a hop-sauna and all you can drink beer. If it sounds crazy, don’t worry… it is!!

Hops and other ingredients in beer are supposedly good for your skin and help with anti-aging and moisture. Let be honest, it’s just a goofy gimmick that totally worked in their attempt get tourists money haha.

A day or so later we rented a car and started our road trip through Eastern Europe. First stop: Krakow Poland. We came back through Prague for 2 nights before we flew to Barcelona and did a bit more walking around the lovely and romantic streets.

IMG_3484IMG_4081 IMG_5941


Final take: Overall the city is beautiful and has a lot of charm. The tourism industry is very large and while we traveled in the shoulder season walking around in some of the touristy areas was difficult  due to the hordes of people. The Old City is romantic but caters to tourists and gives the city an unauthentic feeling. Prague is covered in souvenir shops, overpriced restaurants, and tour promoters.
Try¬†the metro to get off the beaten path and explore the rest of the city. Uber is also available ūüôā