Travel More Often By Doing This…

How do we travel so often? Don’t we have jobs!?!
Here’s how The Roaming Robinson’s spend half the year traveling.
We want to share our “secrets” with you, so that you can create a life with more freedom.

BUT FIRST, a pep talk…
Your job doesn’t define you. Your possessions don’t define you. The car you drive and the house you live in doesn’t define you. The 8 hours a day you spend in working toward someone else’s goals does NOT define you.

Your dreams, passions and experiences define you.

Further, how you ACT on your dreams, passions and experiences defines you. You can’t just make a Pinterest dream board … DO SOMETHING!

It’s all too easy to get into the habit of living life in the hamster wheel. Ignoring your passions and just trying to “get through life”.

Is this what you wanted out of life? No! If it was, you wouldn’t be reading this.
You want more, you DESERVE more. Our time here is short. Make the fucking most of it.


Here is how we’ve created our lives to enable excessive travel and freedom…

Reading The 4 Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferris, changed our lives. Please read this book. The main points to allowing yourself more freedom (to travel) are as follows: create a passive revenue stream, stop focusing on retirement and travel while you’re young, and use your “free-time” ever so wisely.

Note: many sacrifices will need to be made. You’ll be required to say “no” to things, in order to have the opportunity to say “yes” to other things. You’ll spend a lot of time working in the present, in order to create your own “4-hour work week” in the near future, but you’ll be working FOR YOURSELF. And that feels a lot less like work.

Passive Income: If you want more freedom to travel, you need to find a passive source of income (or a job where you can work remote). Passive income is income made that you doesn’t require 8 hours a day in an office working for it. Ours is real estate. For years we’ve been making the sacrifices you’ll see below plus saving 60-80% of our pay checks (from our normal jobs) and putting it into savings to buy rental properties.

The first investment property we bought together. We lived in one of the apartments together for 3 years while the others covered our mortgage

(The first investment property we bought together. We lived in one of the apartments together for more than 3 years while the rent from the others covered our mortgage. This allowed us to save for more investments…and TRAVEL)

Your passive income can come from anything you enjoy/ are good at / want to get good at. Write a blog, become an online fitness coach, become a day trader, create an eBay store, become a consultant for whatever you’re good at. Find something; spend your free time becoming good at it.
The alternative is sitting at your desk at your 40/hour/week job that you hate, while reading this article on Facebook.

Turn off the TV: Your time away from your day job is NOT to be wasted. Focus on the goal: Freedom and Travel. Countless hours are spent on mindless acts such as television and social media. This is all time you should be spending on something you’re PASSIONATE about and working toward creating a passive income.

Always be working: We’re working when we’re not working. And we’re thinking about work when we’re not at work. This isn’t as bad as it sounds, when you’re working for yourself. When you find something you’re passionate about and make it your passive income, it changes from a hobby into a hobby that you get paid for!
Brandon spends a few hours a day looking for places to invest while Jenny reads up on landlord/ tenant law and goes to night school.Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 11.26.14 AM

We both also have “real jobs” but they’re jobs. Jobs we’ve chosen or created because we can work remotely…This usually means working really late at night or really early in the morning depending on the time zone we’re in.
The point is, there doesn’t need to be time for travel, separated from time for work. Plus, how else are you gonna see all the super cool coffee shops of the world?


Stop spending money on things you don’t need: If travel is your priority, act like it. Spend like it. Skip the latte, skip eating out for lunch every day, maybe even skip a friend’s expensive birthday get-away trip to you can save for that trip to Thailand or that first big investment. Prioritize! Those 5 fancy coffees a week is $80 not being saved.

Stop buying outside of your budget: It’s all about priorities. Don’t lease that expensive car. Don’t buy or rent a house thats going to be a stretch for your budget. You don’t need new furniture. Likewise, you can skip some of the travel luxuries and still have an extremely rewarding experience.

aran islands

Typical Roaming Robinson’s lunch – baguette and cheese bought at local market

Always be learning: Don’t waste your time on brainless activities. Our free time is spent at TED Talks, watching documentaries, and listeing to science and econonomics podcasts. Your brain is a big ole muscle that needs to be used. The more you use it and the more information you take in the easier it will be to find that passive income stream and be ready to POUNCE when the opportunity presents itself.

TED X - Sacramento

TED X – Sacramento

Get all the Rewards Credit Cards: It’s really important that all the money you spend is working toward your goal of traveling. See our post on the best travel cards (here). If you decide to spend all that money on lattes and eating out, at least be earning points towards your next flight, right?


When your time on this earth is nearing an end, you’ll never look back and regret that promotion you didn’t get. Or that you didn’t spend more time in the office.

DON’T regret the time you didn’t spend with your loved ones, or the opportunities to LIVE that presented themselves that you didn’t take.