Bring This For Discounts While You Travel

While we both graduated from college years ago, Jenny still has and travels with her college student ID, and you should too.
It might seem like a weird thing to hang onto for so long, especially since we’re the polar opposite of a hoarders, we keep nothing and throw away everything. If you still have yours laying around and think you could pass for the photo on it still we encourage everyone to keep their student ID because it is a very powerful travel tool.
This little guy will save you tons of money while traveling:


This isn’t me BTW, but I guess theres a slight likeness

First off, most college student ID’s do not have expiration dates, which works in our favor here, because your student ID is your discount card to world wide travel attractions. Many places around the globe offer discounted entry to national parks, museums, art galleries, and most government run tourist attractions (which is basically everywhere neat). Typically you’ll be saving $5-$10 USD off entry to these attractions by just showing your student ID. It may not seem like much,  but it all adds up, right?
If your ID does have an expiration date,  don’t worry too much about it, I promise you that the people who check your student ID for entry are not worried about your expiration.

Here’s a brief list of places (off the top of my head) I’ve used my very old (expired if it had an expiration date) student ID to get discounted entry:

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