This Simple Trick Will Prevent Food Sickness While Traveling

Ever get food sickness while traveling? Who hasn’t?
And if you’re like us, you like to try all the unique foods a new place has to offer. We like to say “HELL YES” when offered something totally outside of our comfort zone.

You really never know what or where you’ll be eating when traveling a foreign land. Food and safety standards are different or all together absent in many countries. This doesn’t mean the food is bad or hazardous necessarily, but if you’re from most westernized nations, your stomach simply isn’t accustomed to certain things.
PLEASE don’t let that stop you from getting an authentic dining experience. You’ve gotta try the pad thai from the street woks in Thailand and the roadside jerk chicken in the Dominican Republic, but you don’t want to spend the rest of the trip with a tummy ache. Or worse, in the bathroom.
Try our time tested trick to kill all the crazy food bacterias that can be found in food uncommon to your stomach:

We'll try anything!

We’ll try anything!

Do you dare?

Do you dare?


Drink a coca-cola a day!!

So, we rarely drink soda (aside from a jack and coke now and then;) Our drinks of choice are always (in this order) beer, water, coffee, but when traveling and eating new foods abroad, we opt for a coke a day. Also Coca-cola is EVERYWHERE. We’ve been on the back roads of Myanmar and coke is right there waiting for you.
We swear by this method. We picked up from a great Canadian couple we met traveling through Thailand. It was passed down to them from another traveler who said their doctor told them coke will kill all the bad microbes in your gut (which says something about what coke is made of). So this tale of coke drinking has been passed down from traveler to traveler across the world and now it’s being given to you!

Give it a try next time you eat from a roadside stand or think your seafood might have been too fresh. Let me know how it works for you 😉