Travel BIG With a Small Budget


Most people believe traveling is very expensive, and we agree it CAN be, but it doesn’t HAVE to be if you’re smart about it.Follow our advice and you can see and do just as much with a smaller budget. While the helicopter tour and the zip-lining may be a bit out of reach, these tips might help you save enough to afford the bigger ticket experiences.

However, the deeper idea is that you don’t ‘need’ those bigger ticket experiences to have the experience of a life time.

Traveling isn’t always about the flashy photo you post on your Instagram holding champagne in first class (but that’s fun too, see photo below), its about the experiences you have with the amazing people you meet from the other side of the earth (which you can also post on your Instagram) 😉

[NOTE: The first class experience you see below was FREE. We booked 100% using credit card points. So even our fancy experiences are on a budget.]
small budget post

  1. Eat Like a Local: Street food and restaurants where the locals go are your best bet for cheaper food.10801709_10152336788801895_6063109466362147425_n
  2. Picnic: Our go to travel lunch is picnicking. Find a little market, buy some beers, bread meat and cheese and maybe a pickle (Jenny loves pickles) and find a place to eat outdoors. It’s a cool way to enjoy the city you’re in while also enjoying the local food. This also solves the never ending problem of “where do you want to eat?” “I don’t know where do you want to eat?” You’re saving time and money and it can be romantic with the right company.
    Travel by Train
  3. Take Public Transportation: Take the bus, tram, light rail, subway, etc. It’s a fun way to get around that helps you learn to navigate a city and it’s always the cheapest option. Navigating public rail and or bus stations is less daunting than it seems and once you’ve done it a few times you’ll easily get the hang of it.
    Walk Everywhere To Save On Travel
  4. Walk: This is always our first choice because it gets you outside and moving, aaannnddd it’s free. If it’s within a couple miles, we opt to walk.
  5. Cheap Souvenirs: The draw of souvenirs is easy to fall victim to, and we enjoy buying them for friends and relatives as gifts. For ourselves, however, we don’t usually buy many souvenirs when we travel, because they’re expensive and they’re bulky to carry around and our bags are usually packed pretty tight. We do like to keep coins from other counties, which only cost as much as the coin 😉 Then we turn them into magnets for our fridge.
    Travel to Mexico
  6. Bring Friends: Splitting rooms and meals with friends while you travel is a huge money saver. Also groups typically get discounts on tours. We love to rent glamours lodging and split the cost with a handful of friends. It’s usually a little cheaper than a hotel room per person, and you all get to be together in the same house and enjoy the swanky high life.
  7. Carry a Student ID: You can get a few bucks off at most National Park Entrances or Museums with a student ID. Jenny still has her college ID which is about 5 years expired, but no one ever checks 😉
  8. Carry Snacks: Stop for snacks at the local market. Grab protein bars, nuts, canned tuna, anything for sustenance. Stopping for every meal of the day while you’re traveling is a time suck and also it costs a lot.
  9. Hike: It’s FREE! Find hikes online for anywhere in the world you travel to. It gets you outside in nature and is good for your body. It’s a great way to explore.
  10. Bring a Water Bottle: We always bring our reusable plastic water bottles to refill from the tap while we travel (if it’s decent water). We drink a lot of water, with all the hikes and walking 🙂 This easily saves us $10 / day.