How We Score Free Flights Across The World

No tricks or gimmicks. We flew across the world for FREE. In first class. Multiple times. Thanks to points travel, we’ve been able to take a more than a few dozen free flights together.

Thanks to the advice of a few close friends in Atlanta a few years back, we were introduced to the magical world of Points Travel.

The premise is simple enough: You’re already spending money on this or that everyday. However, every dollar you spend could be earning you points to use toward flights, hotels, rental cars and other experiences. We have completely ceased using our debit cards.

Theres more to it than just getting an airline credit card. This guide can provide some very useful information on using travel points cards and how to get the most out of the experience.

Introductory Offer: 

There are SO many points cards to choose from it can be daunting. The definitive resource to help you choose the card thats right for you is The Points Guy. It’s important to see what each card is offering as it’s introductory offer and to make your choose depending on how much you can get as a sign up bonus. Here are cards we love

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred: You can typically get 2 free flights by signing up for this card. No foreign transaction fees and 2x points per dollar on travel and dining out.
  • Chase Ink: Get 4x points per dollar on utilities.
  • American Express Platinum (only for business owners): Great introductory offer and a lot of additional travel perks such as TSA pre application fee waived and credit back on in-flight purchases.
  • South West Chase Visa: Free flight (round trip) with sign-up and meeting the minimum dollar spend.
  • American Express Platinum Delta: Free flight (round trip) with sign-up and meeting the minimum dollar spend.

Changing Cards Before the Annual Fee:

With so many cards out there, why not try them all? This tactic isn’t always feasible, but after you’ve taken advantage of the introductory offer,  pay your balance off and close the card before the annual fee hits. After the initial sign up bonus you’re only racking up points as fast as you spend. Jumping to another points card and take advantage of another introductory offer and more free flights.

We’ve drilled enough of our friends credit industry to assure you this DOES NOT affect your credit negatively. However, keep at least one or two long standing credit cards to show strong credit history.

Threatening to Cancel:

We’re often canceling cards before the annual fee comes due, and in doing this we’ve found the representative in the cancellation department tends to gift you a hefty amount of bonus points and a waived annual fee to keep your business. We’ve been given up to the amount of a free flight when trying to cancel a card.

Airport Lounges / Priority Pass:

Our favorite points-card travel perk is airport lounges. The Amex Business Platinum card gives you access to all Amex Centurion lounges and all first class Delta lounges (if flying Delta). Additionally that same card gives you Priority Pass, which gives you access to over 900 airport lounges worldwide.

Other Perks:

Points Travel Cards have really stepped up their game to keep competition fierce. Here are a few other perks you can expect from points cards: TSA Pre, Discount on in-flight purchases, free in-flight purchases, Know traveler application fee waived, and free guests at airport lounges.