Don’t Go To Thailand!

With so many places on this beautiful earth to visit, where do you start? Contrary to other travel blogs you’ll read, I’m going to recommend you don’t start with Thailand and South East Asia… because it will ruin all of your future travel. You’re just never going to find a more enlightening and inspiring travel destination, so I don’t recommend starting at with the BEST.
Here are the reasons why Thailand is just the greatest place you’ll travel too.

  • Price: You’re going to have  lot of friends come back from Thailand and tell you how ridiculously cheap everything was. Meals can be as low as $1USD, lodging for $20USD a night, activities and tours for $5USD, beachside massages for $10USD. It’s ridiculous, its so insanely cheap to travel long term in this country that people are leaving the states, Canada, Australia, UK, etc in droves to leave it all behind and live the Thai life. There averred few places that you can survive on so little for so long. But the prices are just a very small piece of the puzzle. I’m willing to bet that even as prices rise to double, even triple what they are now, people will still continue to long for this magical place.

    Best Food on earth!

    Best food on earth!

  • Thai People: The Thai people really make this place. They are so kind and welcoming. I’ve not come across a place where people are so excited to share their culture with tourists. Be patients, respectful and keep an open mind. You are in another’s home, let them show you show things are done.
  • Tourists: We’ve been a lot of places, and met a lot of really great people traveling that we’ll be in touch with forever, thanks to social media. But Thailand is a different breed of travelers. People are there to share their experiences with other travelers. They’re excited and open to talking to strangers in restaurants, bars, and on the street. It’s perfectly logical and welcomed to ask your neighbor where they’re from and if they want to join you on tomorrows hike. People are just high on life here.

    Backpackers are best

    Backpackers are best

  • Beaches: Not mich needs to be said here: the Thai Beaches are the best Beaches. You’ll see some amazing beaches in many more amazing places, but you’ll look at them all and say, “this reminds me of that one beach in Thailand”. Check out this beach while you’re thereIMG_0907
  • Wealth of Experience: There is such a vast array of experiences to be had in this country. There are beaches, mountains, jungles, monkeys, hikes, snorkeling, kayaking, food, food, food, swimming, drinking, partying, lounging, there is something for everyone. From the most populated cities, to islands with population you could count on your fingers. These memories will last a LIFETIME.
    Fire dancers will let you fire jump rope!

    Fire dancers will let you fire jump rope!


    Feeding baby monkeys


    Hiked to the top of the Tiger Temple


    This smile will never leave your face


    Becoming Thai chefs! Valentine’s Day Thai cooking class

    A bucket of FUN... the hangover comes later

    A bucket of FUN… the hangover comes later

    Sleeping Aboard ;)

    Sleeping Aboard 😉


    Lighting off Khom Loi lanterns with new friends

    So I’ll caution, don’t let Thailand be your first destination or you’ll be trying to re-create the experience with every new place you visit and no where compares. I’m wiring this over two years since our last trip there and it continues to be the place we love the most and constantly want to return to. Or do make Thailand your first destination and let it be the stepping stone in your never ending quest to explore the world. Obviously this is written somewhat sarcastically, you NEED to visit Thailand
    We’d love to hear your thoughts on Thailand and your experiences in South East Asia. Also, ask us any questions you have about your upcoming travels… we’re kinda experts;)