NEVER Check A Bag, Again! Learn To Travel Within a Carry On, Even On Longer Trips

Check out our 8 quick tips to travel like a pro and never check a bag!

Picture This: You’ve packed a LOT of stuff and needed to check one or more large bags for that vacation you’ve been saving up for. You have a close connection in between flights, or your plane is running a little behind and your bag gets stuck in a different city or even worst, LOST. You spend hours at your destination freaking out at the bag claim attendant, who honestly doesn’t care about your bag or your vacation at all. And you lose a half day of your trip trying to track your bag down. It (hopefully) gets delivered to you the next day. By then you’ve had to buy a new tooth brush and underwear and you’ve spent the first evening of your trip in the same clothes you flew in and missed the show you had tickets to. SUPER LAME, right!? Obviously this is a semi-extreme and rare occurrence.

However, even in the most ideal situations, you’ll add an extra hour on your travel time by checking a bag. You need to arrive an additional 30 min prior to your flight to check a bag, and it will take 30 minutes for you bag to arrive at bag claim at your final destination. By having additional luggage you’re also much less mobile and nimble. It becomes very difficult to quickly move from train to car to hotel to bus etc. How are you going to see all the places and do all the things with all that baggage?And, it’s just SO much more to worry about. Why are you putting yourself through all this?

Just say NO to checked luggage! With our simple travel hacks you can travel for any length of time in a carry on. We traveled for THREE MONTHS in only our carry on bags. Follow our tips for traveling within a carry on and we guarantee you’ll see more and worry Less. Send this to a friend with an upcoming trip!


Here are our 8 tips to carry on travel!

1.) Two Things You Don’t Need To Pack and Why:
Full sized liquids: You shouldn’t be bringing your large home-sized shampoo and conditioner on your travels. Typically hotels have great hair and body products for your traveling necessities. If you want something specific, buy it in a travel size. If you have specific skin care needs or your desired product isn’t made in a convenient travel size you can buy travel sized containers on amazon for super cheap. We like LiquiSnugs found on Amazon.
Hair dryer: Traveling across the world, you’ll find a hair dryer in almost every hotel, hostel, apartment rental or BNB. We don’t know how hair dryers became such a universally readily available travel item, but leaving yours at home will save you precious space in your carry on.

2.) Choose Your Shoes Wisely: This is SO important! You simply do not need as shoes as you think you do, and shoes occupy a lot of space in your carry on. Here’s what we suggest for ANY trip (male or female): You’ll typically need one athletic pair of shoes for hiking, exploring, walking long distances. Next you’ll need one pair of nice-ish shoes for going to nice dinners / being cute and fashionable. And potentially one pair of sandals for a tropical destination and/or a pair of boots for a cold or mountainous destination. And THATS IT!

Try to choose shoes that are versatile and can be worn for multiple occasions. Pick a neutral color like black, white or beige so the shoes can transition between outfits. Jenny loves

Tevas sandals for hiking and walking around. They’ve come out with come cute styles that transition nicely from exploring to trail to waterfall hikes. We also love converse all -stars as they’re great walking shoes as well as decent hiking shoes that also look pretty hip.
PRO SHOE TIP: Tie your sneakers to the outside of your person item (backpack or purse) for extra space.


Look how cute Jenny’s Tevas are. They’re not the old weird ones. Teva has made a come back!

3.) Wear your biggest clothing items on the plane: If you’re traveling to a cold place and need a large jacket or bulky boots, you’ll save a lot of space by wearing you’re largest clothing items on the plane. If you’re like Jenny, and always cold on planes, bringing your jacket on the plane will also help you make it through your flight more comfortably.

4.) Do Laundry: It’s easy, quick and so cheap to just hit up a laundromat while traveling and it means you can pack less on long travels and re-wear clothing. Pay the few bucks extra for “fluff and fold” service. Drop off your dirties in the morning and pick them up all folded and clean in the evening. Or opt for lodging that has laundry on site. Many of the apartment rentals we’ve encountered in Europe have laundry facilities ensuite.

5.) Buy The Biggest Carry On Allowed: 14x10x21 is the largest carry on luggage allowed on most American commercial airlines. We’ve also had no trouble on most international airlines with this size. Below is the carry on bag Jenny uses. She’s gone through 2 of them in 5 years due to overuse, however it’s very durable when you look at how often it’s used. It’s HUGE, it expands, it has 4 wheels, lots of pockets and handles and it’s worth the money (JENNY’S CARRY ON)
Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 4.08.19 PM


6.) Only Buy Small Souvenirs: I know I know, we love to buy amazing things while traveling too. We have a giant collection of things we’ve bought across the world. Souvenirs commemorate all the places we’ve been and we love to buy gifts for friends and family, however with little to no room in your luggage we suggest opting for small souvenirs. Our favorite? Post cards! They’re an awesome treat for friends or family, they take up virtually no room because you send them before you leave!
post cards praha

7.) Packing Smart: A great way to save room in your carry on is to pack clothing that functions well in a lot of different situations or climates. Packing transition pieces and layering your clothing will help you to pack less items but still feel as though you have a lot of outfit choices. We love light weight t-shirts  or tanks that can be topped with light weight sweaters as the sun goes down. Jenny has a few lighter style staple jackets that can be tied around the waist during the day for exploring and can be worn to transition the outfit in the evening. Denim jackets or faux leather jackets are perfect items to travel with as they tend do dress up an outfit for the evening and can be worn with many different styles or outfits. On longer trips, we tend to stray away from trendy clothing or shoes as they can’t be worn as often and take up space. Jenny also loves rompers, pantsuit and dresses as they’re a full outfit in just one clothing item. Perfect for traveling!

8.) You can check on the way home: Lastly, if you buy too many cool things on your trip you can unzip that expander on your luggage and check your bag on the way home, or ship your goods and stay nimble while traveling.

What travel tips do you have? We’d love to hear your best travel advice! Comment below or on our instagram page @roamingrobinsons!