When you find your best friend, you marry them and travel the world with them 🙂 We’re the Robinson’s; Brandon and Jenny. We’ve been traveling together since 2010, when we took our first trip together and realized we were GREAT travel partners.

We believe that exploring the world has never been more accessible than it is today and we’re taking FULL advantage of it. We both hate to “plan” and would rather let our adventure create itself day by day while we’re traveling (when we’re home we’re VERY organized people). We love booking our lodging the night before or day of because you never know what crazy opportunity will present itself and we like to live with no regrets. We’re that couple who will book a trip to Iceland a week before the flight because we found a good deal.
We’ve starting this blog as a way to share our travels but also to share our travel secrets. Travel is very overwhelming and stressful for some people, and I PROMISE it doesn’t have to be. Trust us, we’ve been doing this long enough that we’ve worked out all the kinks and now we can help you have stress free travel! We sincerely hope you enjoy! Life is about the journey, not the destination!

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An entrepreneur at heart, Brandon’s always been drawn to a life with no rules or normalcy. He believes that in today’s technological world, business can be done anywhere and lives by that mantra (phone calls at 5am Thailand time, and emails in wifi cafes at 2am Amsterdam time). He’s the “deal finder” of the pair. He can (and will) spend HOURS finding the cheapest flight with the best connection or the most highly rated hotel that we can book using points (see our post about traveling for free with points).
He loves an intelligent political conversation, finding a city’s BEST street food, haggling for souvenirs with locals, and traveling with Jenny.



A mix between a free spirit and a powerful business woman, Jenny’s desire for an exciting and fulfilling life runs deep. She enjoys the balance of working remotely, but LOVES their home town, Sacramento. She’s the “explorer” of the pair and loves to lace up her sneakers and walk an entire city, getting constantly lost but loving every second. She can’t pass up a hike marked as “rigorous”, or the opportunity to spend the afternoon drinking coffee and people watching. She’s also the social media personality and photographer.


Want to chat? Email us at RoamingRobinsons@gmail.com